Monday, May 30, 2011

Berimbau | New York, New York

Julie and I love Brazilian food, but we don't get it often enough because there are no Brazilian restaurants in Honolulu. Being cognizant of this, my brother found Berimbau for us in New York City. It's a quaint little restaurant tucked away between Bedford & Bleecker.

43 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2606

The restaurant is a tiny place that's easy to miss and only seats about two dozen people. Though it is slightly lacking in square footage, it is very big on flavor.

"Berimbau" is a reference to this stringed instrument, used for the Brazilian martial art of capoeira.

We started with an order of "Pao de Queijo" or cheese bread. It's warm and chewy with a texture almost like mochi.

I ordered Guarana soda to drink, another hard-to-find item back home.

Dad had "Picanha," which is grilled sirloin steak. As you can see, the meat is smothered in garlicky awesomeness.

This is a picture of my brother's dish, which is a type of beef stew that we couldn't remember the name of.

"Moqueca a Baiana" is a seafood stew served with rice.

One meal I just can't get enough of is called "Feijoada," a traditional Brazilian bean stew. In addition to black beans, there are generous portions of slow cooked pork and sausage. This particular restaurant only serves this dish on Saturday and Sunday, so we lucked out on timing.

Feijoada is often served with rice, salted collard greens, orange wedges and farofa (toasted flour).

Our son wanted fried banana fritters, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

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