Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Reflections 2009

This Christmas was, at the same time, the most enjoyable and the most disappointing. Experiencing the wonder of the holiday through our son's eyes was an unforgettable experience. From the Christmas carols at church to the Honolulu City Lights display, he cherished every minute of it. One specific memory I will have of this Christmas was when our son went to see one of my mom's friends. She gave him a present and told him he could open it. Our son held it in his hands, looked at it, and with conviction told her, "No, I am going to put it under the tree. I have to wait for Christmas." Moments like these truly warm a parent's heart.
On the flip side, I posted this tweet about the irony of the season. The few times I decided to brave the mall, I saw nothing but greedy, rude, self-absorbed, opportunistic individuals obsessed with consumerism. Thankfully, I did most of my shopping very early or online, thereby avoiding most of the madness. Still, I find it disturbing that this, the "season of giving", seems to bring out the worst in people. When will we learn to appreciate our friends and loved ones over the spending and sales?

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