Monday, September 6, 2010

Brazilian Day (Crouching Lion Inn) | Kaaawa, Hawaii

We love Brazilian food, but it's hard to come by here in the islands (ever since Tudo de Bom closed) so we jump at every opportunity. The Brazilian Cultural Center of Hawaii presented "Brazilian Day" out at Crouching Lion Inn yesterday, complete with Brazilian style buffet. As it turns out, the restaurant features some Brazilian dishes regularly on its menu. We may need to head back out there next time we crave some Brazilian food.

Crouching Lion Inn
51-666 Kamehameha Highway
Kaaawa, HI 96730-9819
(808) 237-8981

The Brazil flag was everywhere.

This little guy sits at the top of the main stairs, but he doesn't say much.

The buffet was decorated extravagantly. Disappointingly, only about half the buffet was actually Brazilian food. The right side was mostly lettuce, tomato, and cucumber (i.e. your typical American salad bar fare).

I thought it was a little pricey give the selection, but when you are the only Brazilian buffet on the island, I suppose you can pretty much charge whatever you want.

The potato salad was interesting. There were all kinds of mixed veggies in there like carrots, green beans, and corn. I quickly discovered that juggling two plates of food while trying to snap pics with a DSLR isn't an easy task, especially when you have a three year old literally running circles around you.

My favorite dish by far was the Feijoada. The meat was so incredibly tender and flavorful. I briefly considered a plate full of rice smothered in the Feijoada's smokey goodness, but decided I had better try the other dishes too.

This is what my plate looked like after a trip through the line. In addition to the Feijoada, there was fried Yucca wedges with salted bitter greens (looked and tasted like collards), Carne ao Molho Madeira (roast beef), Frango Ensopado no Estilo Mineiro (chicken), a side dish that looked like cornbread, and coconut pudding.

This is the other side of my plate, where you can see the greens and coconut. Yes, it was a big plate. I took no prisoners.

In all, a very good day and the drive was totally worth it. We were treated to a beautiful sunset on our way back.


  1. i didn't know crouching lion inn did brazilian food. haven't been there since their new re-opening. used to be one of our favorite places to take off island friends to. will have to check it out again.

  2. Nice! Feijoada is my fave. Did they have farofa to sprinkle over the meats?

  3. no farofa, unfortunately. i looked in vain. :(