Friday, October 2, 2009

Highway Inn | Waipahu, Hawaii

There was no date night last week because wifey had to go to camp. She sings with the Chamber Singers at UH Mānoa and they had a retreat (yes, like band camp, only it was choir). So, I was flying solo. Anyway, a bunch of people were talking about a Sunday tweetup at Highway Inn. I knew I couldn't make it on that day, but the menu sounded good, so I decided to hit it up on Friday night.

What really distinguishes this place is the service. The staff was warm, cordial, and just "on it." It seemed like they treat all their guests like family. I opted for the Beef Stew combo. The stew was tasty, as was the lomi salmon and generous portion of haupia, but the Pipikaula (translation: Hawaiian style smoked beef) was JUS' BROKE DA MOUT' (translation: flavorful and delicious). It wasn't overly dry like Pipikaula tends to be. I would go back just for a container or two of that stuff.

Even though I was dining alone, I had an excellent experience and would definitely rate this place a MUST TRY.

Highway Inn
94-226 Leoku St # B1
Waipahu, HI 96797-1919
(808) 677-4345
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I have to apologize for the really bad picture, but I was a little self-conscious sitting at a table all by myself in a crowded restaurant taking a picture of my food. I was trying to be as discreet as possible, while using the crappy camera on my iPhone.

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